Cadbury Flavours - Classic v's Modern

On a brutally cold day when it was colder inside than out, poor Paige was asked to perform four dances, classic style, in disco clothes. Even the crew were wearing 4 layers on top of the usual. Paige didn't let it show and with her smile firmly fixed she pushed through! 

The next day in the studio was far less like an igloo especially with the choreographer pushing hard for the beats. 

Lin Manuel Miranda and Jordan Fisher - You're Welcome

Disney and Hamilton merge and we are making the new video for the single You're Welcome. Half the act are flying in from NYC and straight to set (Jordan) and the other from a countryside retreat (LMM).

Both are such nice guys and super happy throughout the day even when the time was short. 

Unusual things we learnt: Jordan has a serious thing for Nandos, LMM thinks a camel coat is the must have a for an English gentleman's wardrobe and finally on a mixing desk multiple buttons do the same thing... who knew?