Hot tin roof

Anna sported a very Stella look for the Adventure issue. Game for pretty much anything, leaping barriers, shuffling up air vents and generally being a solid fab model, she produced some amazing poses giving the clothes an incredible silhouette against the sun. Click through here to see the finished story

Watch you looking at?

The trick is to keep the watches still. The elaborate behind the scenes can never be shown, for fear of giving away the trick. Much like a magician.... Still the security guards all present and carefully watching their pieces were quite impressed with Sarah and my ability to work the watches.

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Damaris - Packing Heat

Damaris Presents Liberty Ross in a new short video, it was directed by Johnny Green. Based on the quote: ‘All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl’

- Jean-Luc Godard

Packing Heat transports viewers through a journey of reality, subconscious, conscious and fantasy. The colourful powder blows that mirror the beautiful hues of the lingerie can be seen through out the short film. The ultimate fantasy of girls, guns and power is reflected by Liberty here, and makes this a definite wish for both the men and the women who wear the pants (so to speak)