This is not goodbye, just farewell

After a rather indulgent few weeks here in South America, I am sadly getting ready to leave. I have experienced incredible scenes of friendliness, scenery, wildlife and culture which I now know is all part of the love affair that many have with Brazil, especially Rio.

From clear sky at the bottom to swirling clouds up here. Rainforest and views were stunning

Beach time doesn't end here -  even in the darkness...

Watch the sunset with a traditional Caipirinha - beware its strong

Wearing white for peace in the New Year celebrations. A sight in itself.

I can't help but post a few of my pictures to share and a little video or two. One of a remarkable sunset, which is breathtaking to watch, more so because we are so close to the equator the sun takes literally minutes to drop.

The other is part of the New Years Eve celebrations on Copacobana beach(excuse the screaming of us) and the fireworks. I hope it can translate.

Wishing you all a fabulous 2012 and I can only hope that my year continues in the way it ended.