The Best of 2010

a count down - of sorts - images and people who have added inspiration and creativity to my way of thinking. thank you.

source: kcomekarolina

Formidable Editor of French Vogue, who stepped down just before Christmas. For 10 years under her leadership, the title has grown and become more than just a major force and trend leader, there were shock covers and articles but always with reason that emerged to be the next cutting thing.

The anticipation of the new appointment has kept the rumour mill spinning and will do until the announcement is made. Who ever it is, bon chance. Int the words of Derek Blasberg, "She (or he) has some seriously big over the knee high heeled lace-up Alaia shoes to fill."

source: arizonafoothillsmagazine

Seemingly quiet and unassuming. Charlotte oozes style and with the mix of musical talent, it was a great inspiration for my rock and roll story.

source: popeater photographer: streamline

With fabulous direction and creative team behind her , the video for Bad Romance was replayed over and over. All the details were mind bending to me and I was fixated.

source: jaq's blog

As above, a hand in creating theatre with Gaga, just sends my mind into a spin and I love it. Wanting to create a visual feast is part of how I would ultimately like to work at all times.

source: onions and garlic

I have had a love of vintage for a great while and there are a few people I know have a shared interest. Fabiola is one. I love the irony she has whilst choosing her outfits. One to watch, her and Daphne G.

Musically this lot are the best: Zulu Winter. Love them and I am shooting with them very soon so watch this space.

Also there are others this year who have been an inspiration for work so thank you too. (Random order)

Gareth Lindsay, Craig Fordham, Clare H, Chloe Butcher, Dylan C, and Sarah Griggs.

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