3,2,1.... (Uni)qlo

Having gone completely cuckoo for the new Jil Sander SS11 collection already this month, the fashion pack, and most of the UK are waiting eagerly for the new +J collection to hit flagship stores of  Uniqlo today. Last week the NY store had a line stretching back, way beyond and in the pouring rain. That is dedication for purchasing, although when you know the clothes are this good, it proves that most people don't mind the wait, even if it is wet.

The pieces are slavishly beautiful, perfectly cut with precise details. The growing collection is 1 year old  and has now 150 pieces to  chose from. Key items include the classic white shirt reworked, and a selection of polished coats in fabrics such as flannel and cashmere.

I know I have my eye on a few key pieces, it just depends whether I can get into the store. So I have checked the weather (no rain), flats are on (easy quick fast steps) and sharpened elbows (even the nicest of ladies change when bargains are to be had).

Wish me luck, Oxford Street here I come.

image source:moduspublicity