Couture Underwear - Sports style

It was a  cold but sunny Sunday, and I was the mean stylist who was dressing (a loose use of the word admittedly) lovely Holly in little more than her underwear. I guess at least we were inside! Elizabeth Gibson had taken us to the studio in SNAP, the very same one I was in just before Christmas with handsome Jay. The last of last year and the first of this. Both my models Jay and Holly wearing not very much.... note to myself: next time I must remember to storyboard a layering style into the looks. Hair was going all out, big, curl extensions and backcombed courtesy of James. A talent I hope you will see a lot more of. It's all a bit hush hush now but check back and all will be revealed.

The hair and the extensions, above. Click here to watch them being added...

For the David Bowie-equse amazing eyes Chloe B (of course) was in charge. I also would like to add that Holly loved her make up so much she kept it on for a trip to the cinema that evening.

The lingerie had a very structured and sporty feel to it, but was kept feminine with the luxurious fabrics. Agent Provocateur, Lascivious, Wundervall and Mimi Holliday were all represented amongst the shots, as well as those well known Hero tights from Wolford, aka the ones that Ms Chezza wore in XFactor, and finished with a highly polished stiletto from the master of the red sole.

It was a fab day, with a relaxed  and creative team who, I think, worked incredibly well in producing some great shots. Watch the video of the day and you'll see all the action from the behind the scenes. Fingers crossed that Tank love them as much as us and take the story.

Photography: me Video: Chloe B