Anna bag launches

Considering the snow and freezing temperatures outside, the turn out for the LK Bennett Anna bag launch - in Knightsbridge on Tuesday night - was very well attended. The store was crammed full to bursting as we scoured the delights. The display of Anna bags were proudly shown prominently on the back wall, providing a great backdrop to the event.

At the front of store there was a flip book set. Stand in the space in front of camera, strike several poses and then the results are made into your very own flick book. You, like Anna, can become the star. Not for me, but the ultra confident mover at a guess. Or failing that a bit of dutch courage!

Anna herself appeared, clutching her own bag in a buttery tan leather. Having a bag named after you is quite something and seeing the multiple bags with your face attached could be disconcerting but she seems to ooze self confidence and not be over whelmed. Lovely to see. The bag is a discreet modern style and which compliments all round.

As well as Anna, other stars of this and the following seasons campaign were mingling with guests sipping champers and devouring the canapes. All were gratefully received and much needed before embracing the cold night and heading home.