AW11 Trend shoot - behind the scenes

Last season Sarah, Hamilton, Chloe and I shot eight looks for the Summer season. Well just to give us all a lot more work, I decided that it would  be *fun* to use two girls, eight looks each and make a total of 16 for the upcoming Winter season. Truthfully, I am not sure how exhausted everyone else is, but if like me they are shattered, I hope they have the same feeling of the final story. INCREDIBLE....

Jonathan Saunders, Mary K, DKNY and D&G to start with.

Topped up with some Christian Louboutin - mais oui.

My my, I sound as if I am accepting an Oscar and about to blub - fear not, I shan't. Hamilton seriously out did himself with the hair on both Josipa and Maryam, 16 different looks which complimented the outfits on each. Chloe was in hot pursuit with four make up changes to add to the drama.

H is at work

Francesca and Georgia were on hand to help me, as the clothes needed to be carefully handled as many pieces were extremely fragile, namely the Emilio Pucci embellished gown and the Christopher Kane oil pieces.

They both did a fabulous job of pressing, packing and dressing the girls whilst I was on set with Sarah and editing through the shots.

The story was to underline that there are seasonal themes and it not just a random selection by the Editors of what they fancy.

Featuring this upcoming season are:

Prada for Muccia's beautiful creativity and on the lust list for many in the studio

Gucci's polished, expensive and glamorous Italian silhouette

Paul Smith showed great cuts and a fab way to wear your mans clothing

Mary Katrantzou has prints like no other

DKNY / D&G for the sense of flirty fun

Stella McCartney whose love of the spot and polka dot has a great translation

Clements Ribeiro / Peter Pilotto for the melting prints that make the fabric look like liquid.

There were more but I worry I may give the game away in my excited garble.

Hamilton works more magic

Chloe and I get excited

And the girls looks on.

Until the shoot comes out, satisfy yourself with the goings on at Oh So Chloe for all your make up trends and tips and watch Hamilton on E4's Dirty Sexy Things from tonight at 10pm.