Bond, Jay-mes Bond

Everything about the shoot implied Bond. The clothing, our model Jay and right down to the studios we were in. Here we were suitably loaded up with gadgets, for nothing changed without a remote control -  music, blinds and lights, everything.

Our set had been built as a military war-scape, and the lighting was to be dark and moody. In the first instance Jay was going to be walking from the rubble as if nothing had happened and without a hair of of place and gradually get a little more disheveled.

Hamilton quiffed and preened the hair into place, whilst Katie and I prepped the looks he was going to wear. George Bamford, our photographer, knew exactly the mood and how he wanted shoot, so it was time to start.

I can't show you the shots but I can tell you it will look incredible and include beautiful clothes from Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Prada to name a few. There were many noises about how lovely the looks were and peoples shopping lists were growing as the day progressed. The most desired pieces, however, were the studded high tops from Christian Louboutin. I could have sold five pairs yesterday or auctioned off the one pair I did have.

Guarded over by Reg the Security. He has got the t shirt...