The Borrowers

There are a couple of Sir Paul's that have altered a little bit of most peoples lives. Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles and then this one, Sir Paul Smith quintessentially English, he uses his tailoring to push into your life. His clothes have often been cause for either gender, well ok mostly females, to want what the other is wearing, print, colour or cut and so in this collection girl gets boys things. (and doesn't have to give them back- horrah!)  The hair went back to the rocker billy time with the quiffs of gravity defying proportions.

The tailoring was slick, cropped ankle trousers, silk dresses and my fab new ibook case, sorry fab accessories. They look like they were layers being peeled away to reveal a second print. Carine Roitfeld was front row in her leopard print coat, as were the British counterpart, although not in animal prints.

Paul Smith said "“I wanted timeless clothes, ones that you could add to your wardrobe, pieces you’ve maybe borrowed from your brother, boyfriend or husband,” Perfect I love a bit of "borrowing".

The runway twisted around on itself and at one end there was a selection of art work, very typical to re work a space to become homely, much like the PS HQ.

For the full images report click here, click here to watch the finale.

The opening image is the collaboration of Paul Smith and another fine institution Claridges. An opening of a boutique to sell the Womens collection's, sadly a place you cant just borrow from.