Burberry and Beijing

Ralph Lauren produced a 4d film and projected it across the front of the Bond Street Store and then across the water at the flagship store in New York. Burberry it seems have taken lessons and gone to the Far East for their next big challenge. Not content with screening the RTW shows live through their site, in store, across the screens at Piccadilly Circus, and generally creating a frenzy around the runway as if it's a film premiere, Mr Bailey and team have set their sights on the city of Beijing to introduce the Asian part of the expansion.

There is to be a flagship store opening, which will incorporate 'groundbreaking virtual image technology, combining live models with animated footage and life-like holograms with a fully immersive audio, visual and sensory experience connecting the physical and digital.' Phew its a mouthful but I have to say has piqued my interest... April 13th, Wednesday of this week is going to be the day to see if all the details have pulled together to produce what sounds like a fantastic show. Click here to watch the run up.The British band Keane are headlining the event (another fashion brand to champion British music) and the streaming will be live into 50 stores globally to a selected audience of 1,000 VIP's.

Should you not be on the list, you can watch the unveiling of proper British in the East via Burberry.com from your own computer, which is favourable, bear in mind the time difference and the very desirable fact that you dont have to decide what to wear.....

All images courtesy of Burberry.