Charge - Sway ft Mr Hudson

It was Ffff freezing at 6.30am as I arrived on set and I could not understand all the commotion around a parked car. All the male crew (boys) oohing and being alpha male were surrounding a special Mini. Special because ... well I can't really say as I am afraid my head could not compute anything - I had had no tea.

Nevermind, I was to learn that all the additions and tweaks make this heavy. A phrase I learnt during the day. (more later).

Sway arrived and has a kind smile and cheeky glint in his eyes, which is lovely really as I have no clue of the R&B world he inhabits, but was very easy to chat to. Mr Hudson drove himself, another likeable quality, that and the fact he like old maps. Odd revelation but none the less.

I was behind the set organising a few things on the phone, when another set of people walked past and nodded hi - not that strange but it was Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles from One Direction. I have never met either before but hey everything was a first today.

Naroop is a fine director, confident, laid back, and knowing exactly when and where he needs people. He joked around with all our SA's who were having a waiting game but all in good spirits. this helps if the days is long. That and cake.

Many of Sway's friends dropped in and out through the day and it was one of these gentlemen that taught me about the heavy term. 'Your glasses are heavy' he exclaimed. 'oh no, no they are really light' said I. Doh - what a fool I am. Apparently now having this in vocabulary I now have my finger on the pulse.. hmm not sure about that.

here is the video in full:


and here is the behind the scenes