Chiltern St Special

Chiltern Street Studios opened there doors for their press day and what a range has developed. Jeans, nails, shoes, scarves, accessories and clothing lines. Penelope Chilvers, a long timer at this agency, showed a glorious range of my favourite chelsea boot, this time with a lower heel amongst a range of other new styles.

PC boots.

Rainbow cords from Nobody jeans. Expect a great fit. We tried the indigo styles in the opening picture, many different sized ladies went in to the changing rooms and returned with a smile and delight that a brand can snuggly fit any size and complement the body shape.

Above are the pastel shades, which normally I would approach with hesitancy, however I would give a go having tried the fit of others in the range. Surprises in store.

These WILL be mine. The By Larin come in many colours but the berry is by far my favourite. Expect a sell out.

These painted bags are a fun take on the designer bag IT bag. Chose your style and wear with irony.

The broad colour spectrum of these colours have been made all with natural ingredients. The larger bottles are not for sale, sadly, but just for display, however they can be bought in a test tube style vial. The colours are not named individually on the containers which could cause a confusion but they are unusual so i think one will find the shade required - haemorrhage anyone?