Christmas in July

As often as I shoot Christmas in July, I still find it a very odd concept. All press days are filled with fake snow, mince pies and carols. Trying at the best of times but never mind, onwards we went. I was preparing to visit the Wiltshire fields to help with the Christmas Sense of Style for Country Living. I arrived late in the evening as I had been shooting and was welcomed by the sight a of luxurious bath and inviting bed. We stay often at the Lamb in Hindon, and a running joke is that we never get the same rooms twice.

and then bed

Revitalised by the comfort of my room, the next morning we set about making wreaths and presents for the tree as well as hanging bunting across the fire places.

This year was not too bad in that the weather was rubbish outside so helped the winter feel, and this year I also spared the task of trying to explain to a four year old why Christmas is not actually in July and Father Christmas won't be visiting just yet.

Only 146 days to go.