Christmas is over and next summer is just beginning...

Well thats what it feels like to me. The end of last week saw me putting up a Christmas tree, decorating it and avoiding wind and rain on the shoot in Wiltshire for Country Living magazine.

This week sees me visiting Matthew Williamson for the Pre S/S collection press day in 29c heat and selecting bikinis and barely there cover ups. These are from a new capsule collection within the Pre collection called Escape, and my selection is for a shoot I am prepping for on Monday. In England. I know the British are famous for the weather chat but I am taking it one step further and breaking into Seasons.


The fashion calendar can play havoc with the brain. Bikinis in Winter and cashmere in the height of Summer. It's odd at the best of times, especially to the fashion outsider. My task was even more difficult than dressing a models in the exact opposite of what everyone else is wearing on the location or in the studio, as I had to explain to a three year old that Christmas has not come early (or twice), and that felt just mean; however he took it very well and being the better person he accepted this and carried on with his day - once we had put the angel on the tree top. I hope it has not scarred him.

With Christmas in the bag, I am moving backwards to complete a shoot for the book with Craig which we started last year but due to rubbish weather had to abandon. The location is only right at certain times of the year due to the grasses and the evening light, so fingers crossed we can add to the story on Monday..... bikinis and sunshine please otherwise there will be one very cold and cross model and I think i would rather deal with a disappointed three year old.


Now as I am ever the Brit I shall go and make a nice cup of tea to cool down in this heatwave!