Curated by Lyle and Scott

It was the last of the gigs sponsored by Lyle and Scott last Thursday and for this they pulled a great selection out of the bag for the waiting crowd. Starting with Ice Black Birds, who are from "Brighton on Sea", a nifty four piece with a mix of tempo through their tunes. Belting guitars in crescendo and delicate rifts made a slick introduction for the evening. The lead singer was slightly impaired as he was wearing a coat from the collection which was making him melt under the lights, however the enthusiasm and chat never waned.

Then followed Boy Mandeville and Wilder who were great to watch. Boy Mandeville kept the feeling up beat, fun and folky in a Vampire Weekend sort of way. With the venue filling up between every song I found myself at the back having to crane a little to see. Always happens at gigs. Anyway Wilder came and I have to say I enjoyed them the most. A haunting Goodbye and Hello kept swimming in my head for the remainder of the evening.

The bands were all looking very smart in there chosen Lyle and Scott pieces, and I think its a great way to showcase new talents.

I believe the project was so successful there is rumour of another later this year - all I can say is if you appreciate young, new, fresh music then this is a brand to watch as they pluck the best to show. Click here for the video of the evening including interviews with the bands and supporting publications including Sunday Times Style.