Damaris - 10 years on

It would appear lingerie is a bit of a theme for me at the moment, as are anniversaries in the fashion world, with Mulberry being the latest to celebrate with 40 years. A few weeks ago I was invited to the '10 years young' party for the sophisticated luxury underwear label Damaris. They also have the second line, Mimi Hollidays, which is just a delicious but perhaps with a more youthful approach. 33 Portland Place (of Kings Speech fame) was transformed into a playful exhibit of underwear and balloons. The pastel blue case stacked perilously high and covered in reams of ribbon were too tempting not to have a sneeky peek inside. (if only I was 7 foot tall)

The beautiful cases and party bags all lined up.

The collections had been shown to press in the day and below are some of my favourite pieces, although you can see the details close up the elegance is perhaps only fully appreciated wen they are seen on the model, such as the opening picture, and below my snaps.

crystal bra

fun colours

It was lucky it was a warm night and the rooms full because the models wandering the rooms had very little else to keep them warm.

Designer- Damaris Evans and photographer- Justin Anderson are below, and they happily mingled with everyone, chatting about the AW11 portraits on the wall, in which Lyza from Storm was the star.
The glass cases, which held the prized 10 year collection were, another viewing point. All the pieces, although new for most of the design, had a base from an archive piece sourced from the previous years.
A well deserved trip down memory lane and I look forward to another 10 years.