Day 2 London Fashion week reviews

So to Day 2 and once again these are the reviews I posted for Papierdoll, I shall added further reviews and commentary later in the week. Daks: Traditional classics of the Daks 60's/70's were being re worked, mainly in the house colours of navy white and tones of brown for AW11. Chunky knits were key to dressing down the beautifully constructed silk skirts with heavy pleated inserts... Click here for the full review.

Jaeger: Jaeger played to a full to bursting London Fashion Week, who were eager to see how the brand would fair. The notes explained the colours of the season were to be the British Landscape interspersed with muted tones of colonial climes. Tomato red matched with mustard yellow and tan was a great combination in a very sleek luxurious look. Click here for the full review.

Clements Ribeiro: After a long absence from the runway Clements Ribeiro returned for a second season at London Fashion Week. Famed for the beautifully adorned cashmere and prints, the duo are the first to admit that it is textures and pattern, rather than cut, which excites them. Click here for the full review.

Christopher Raeburn: Aldwych ticket office in the abandoned underground station, is where Christoper Raeburn chose to present  'Blast' in several formats. Firstly a short film, then model presentation, and then 'sound' added to which photographs lined the walls. Reaburn was "eager to immerse the guests in the full spirit of the Christopher Raeburn brand." Click here to read the full review.