Delicate gets a lesson in tough

Delicate, the Philosophy is a lady who is just that – usually layers and layers of fine fabrics indicating the fragility. This season it would seem the same – but with a heavy boot. This is my favourite type of style. Crossing the boundaries. I am not very good with flimsy and delicate, I cannot get it right, but add in a heavy coat or a boot and I am there. Balancing out the looks and me. My body shape is sadly not svelte enough to wear all consuming chiffon. It does not mean I don’t want to look feminine and floaty but I know that I can go so wrong with this. Think how your mother may have dressed you as a seven year old going to visit Grandparents for lunch, all ribbons in the hair and dresses you just would not wear, and that is how I feel. Trussed up and not comfortable and effortless, as one should be. Then comes the additions - the touches that make this an easier look. Coats, boots and jumpers. Bingo. Taming the hair may not be quite as simple. Philosophy di Ferretti A/W10

source: Rag and

Rag and Bone blog spot agrees: “escaping the revolution - sheer, languid ball gowns underneath strong military coats - a lovely contrast between masculine/feminine and soft/hard that makes sense (at least it does if you have an imagination like mine).”

Diane von Furstenberg also threw a coat over a delicate layer, I am not so sure in such an accomplished manner as the Philosophy collection, but nonetheless it worked for me. I can’t say I will wear the prints that came down the runway, but never say never in this world. I have thought the same about many other pieces.

Philosophy di Ferretti A/W10

Philosophy di Ferretti A/W10

source: photographer: Marcio Madeira /