If there was not a very strong presence as a trend in the New York shows it has certainly been cemented by the opening collections in London. I am not talking about the lack of front row, punctuality or any other of those off catwalk fashion week traits but draping. There were draping skirts, tops, dresses, hell even the odd trouser was getting involved. All kinds of fabric have received the treatment. At Matthew Williamson there were colourful chiffon printed dresses, tweed jackets with a fluid drape collar, and fitted column dresses, which had been tucked and folded to create quite a creation. Williamson’s inspiration was the Spanish mainland, and there is certainly a hint of the matador.

Selection of images from the Matthew Williamson autumn/winter 2010 catwalk show in London fashion week

source: WWD photographer: Giovanni Giannoni

“Draping is a constant throughout the collection with beautifully draped silk trousers, diagonally draped skirts with bubble hems, and Grecian style evening dresses.” So agrees the FocusonStyle website.

Young new designers are also following trend. Mary Katrantzou over spilled her frills down the side of her laser printed dresses.

Richard Nicholl also draped the tweed – although less rigidly as it was loosely tied across the front. The long skirts, even the shorter ones made of fabric collaboration rather than just one, draped down the side of the leg. Then came his chiffon pieces. So light and fragile, they looked made only for small delicate creatures. Beautiful.

“An understated play on textures – burnt orange velvet trousers were teamed with silk shirts and cashmere sleeveless sweaters, or half-cotton, half-velvet mini dresses – gave the collection an effortless elegance.” Dolly Jones, Vogue.com

The silk jumpsuits, coats and twists on the tailoring keeping this fresh. Buttons apparently fastened incorrectly causing draping…… there it is again. Draping.

If nothing else, next winter be seen with a drape or a fold and you can be sure you are up there with the God’s it was inspired from – well maybe not Greek but fashion at least!

Draping examples from the Richard Nichol Autumn/winter collections at London Fashion week

source: style.com photographer: Marcia Madeira/firstview