Elephants, Thunder and upcoming shoots

There has been an invasion. Nothing too dramatic - well unless you count the 250 multicoloured and adorned elephants that have been littered round London by the charity Elephant Family, in aid of raising awareness if the dwindling species. Elephant Family

Each elephant has been decorated by an artist or celebrity, which will be auctioned off at the end of the exhibition. Towards the end of June. So you have just over a month to map them all. They really are beautiful and quite inspiring - if you fancy a miniature you can buy from Selfridges in central London, 36 Carnaby st and in Greenwich main market. Here are some that i have stumbled upon.

Elephant Family

Elephant Family

It is pouring with rain outside - not nice especially for this time of year, and there goes the thunder. What is going on? As much as i asked for the weather to change for the Sporting shoot i did not want to have the reverse, just a little cloud to make it over cast would have been great.

This week I am shooting with James Stroud. Fluid and draping is the way we are thinking.... look out for some fab dresses and a lot of wind machine! So a heavy week of prep - appointments and call ins to negotiate.

PS good luck to my sister who is trekking in China this week in aid of AGEUK.