Eye Eye

I am not usually fan of the eye test and spending time on choosing my frames, hence my current spectacles. B.O.G.O.F. Nothing at all wrong with this, until you are taken into the "other" world of eye tests and frames, which I was last week and now I am not sure I can go back. The first thing that greeted me for my eye appointment was a beautiful man holding a tray of champagne. Not usual I grant you, but a fab touch, however limited myself to one before the sight test otherwise could have been disaster. Then there was an array of frames and sunglasses, all the new ranges from Fendi, staring at me, waiting to be tried on.

The eye test was the most technical I have ever had. 20:20 certainly do not leave anything to chance.

It was fabulous timing as I had broken one pair and lost another of my frames and this was going to rescue me, especially as they fit the frames and lenses within the hour. Now all I needed was a string, a fashionable one, to keep track of the things.

I chose the pair in the opening photograph, and I was not too sure of the colour choice, mainly because I have never really been this bold before. I have not stopped receiving compliments. The collection has something for everyone believe me,  not just your standard frames. These don't leave marks on my nose, they are so light I forget I am wearing them and I have to say I would be so bold as to get another pair.

Not the cheapest solution, but not as expensive as you may imagine. As my Grandmother used to say "buy cheap, buy twice."