Fashionable Pub Quiz


Fashionable pub quiz was the name of the evening. I am rubbish at these affairs, I am positive I know the answer and then it turns out that I don’t. I entered the Marksman on Hackney road nervously. These things always have regulars and I could feel them watching, eyeing up the competition. Where was my team? I sat waiting. The pub tables were nearly full and still I waited. Finally in they came. Every other team had their packs of answers sheets, bits and bobs and were already going through the picture round. I was anxious, mainly because anything of this type of thing brings out my competitive streak. I do try not to get in a twist but I really can’t help it. I want to win. It’s known as being a bit Monica in my world.

And so it began, round one. The first question, oh no, we were stumbling already. Disputes in the team and not a very sure answer, panic. I was wishing I was more easy going. Onwards and we began to get into our stride. With round one nearly complete and food arriving it was fun. I was really enjoying myself, however the Times was reviewing the quiz and the photographer had taken a shine to the team whispering. Eating and fashion don’t really go hand in hand and who wants to have a picture taken mid mouthful whilst trying to secretively tell your answers across the table?

The answers came back and surprisingly we did ok.  Even more surprisingly we came first and won a bottle of Veuve Clicquot ? Bubbles and laughter for everyone. Next was the creative challenge – a bit Blue Peter. We were given props such as a wooden spoon, crepe paper, wool, pipe cleaners and so on. The Challenge: to make a figure of fashion.

We tried. It was not our best but Anna Piaggi you sit on my mantle piece at home and take it as a compliment – PLEASE!! The next-door table was bursting with the creative, such as knitting a jumper for their mini Kurt Cobain, amazing.

Second round not so good as the questions were much harder and I think we were giddy from winning the first bit and a little disappointment at our shrine to Anna P. The limerick was the difficulty. I mean Kerry Katona as the subject because she has produced her own fashion range. Good god.

Well we did it; it made us laugh and apparently the judges as we won the second round. Books and exhibition tickets rained down as prizes and a feeling of fabulous as I have never won anything, least of all for writing.  Thank you to the Marksman and the quiz organisers, it was such a good evening.

The question is do we dare go back?

Oh and in case you wondered, here is the limerick (sorry Kerry):

There was a young hopeful called Kerry,

Post booze and crack, had a beer belly,

From kitten to ‘Ho,

It’s where all mums go,

Shot by Rankin, modelled by Kevin and Perry.