FNO London Style

So I was not going to go - I have a big old cold and felt under the weather.The last FNO I attended was in NYC, and it was crazy - I mean seriously rammed and it was not too enjoyable until I got to Bird in Williamsburg. However one big  thunder storm, two huge rainbows later I thought why not!? Off to the Sanctum Hotel I went. Police Sunglasses were having their party up on the roof - well a bit under because of the clouds but still a great place to start the events.Then we headed off to Solange AP - a favourite haunt you may recall - but first dropped into Ralph Lauren. As we made our way downstairs to view the home ware and find the PR (one of our party was still in work mode)  we came across beautiful cut glass and piles of linens and a giant bed that I could have climbed into quite happily. Apparently this has happened before and the alcohol comsumption down Bond Street in general has had to be reduced.......

No one told Solange. There were fantastic popcorn machines with old fashioned pink and white striped bags of the stuff, salted or sweet, everywhere. Take your pick and some lucky people had a SAP ring at the bottom of their snack. That just does not happen at Cineworld.

Next we ventured over to Louis Vuitton. Inside there were many beautiful people sipping on the green and red (non alcoholic) cocktails. Photo booths in colour and black and white were available for posers to be snapped - each adorned with special props - ears and a moustache in our case.

Following on from there Bruton Street was alive.... Stella and Matthew Williamson all heaving with guests. Martin Margiela takes the prize for the biggest amount of people in the smallest amount of space as far as I could see. As we ventured on, having lost most of the party, Christian Louboutin was the destination. Mount Street was deserted save for the red lights and revelry from the store.

The beautiful champagne glasses, vibrant music and there they were - all my friends - triumphant as the end of a trek through fashion.It was my friend Gareth's birthday and he took over the cake at CL as his own.

We danced and celebrated until the music was switched off. Then my thoughts ran back to the Ralph Lauren bed, and I realised that I needed my own. Thank you London for a fantastic Fashion Night Out.