Food for thought

Down in Lyme Regis last week I was going back to my childhood. I used to come here as a child apparently, I have to say that  don't remember. I do remember being in Beer just round the corner on the coast, mackerel fishing, running along the mats on the beach between the boats to the ice cream man. My preferred flavour was cornish vanilla with toffee chunks. I digress, but could well imagine doing much the same here now. Candy coloured huts on the beach front, the chalk boards with the price of the fishing days/hours, and the fish and chips stalls.

Being treated to fresh produce straight from the boat to your plate is fairly rare now. If it happens, note where you were and return. Alot. Shooting for Country Living last week has given me such information. It's called the Mill Tea and Dining Room and run by Eleanor and Anthony. Fresh from London but in every way not trying to persuade the locals that the "London way" is best. (Roam through their website, learn about Anthony's prestigious career, the local sourcing and read the blogs with helpful tips on recipes).The Dining Room itself is small. Tucked under a stair case and nestled in between a pottery studio and art gallery, the intimate space is cosy.

source: tea and dining rooms

As we shot brave Eleanor, it was not warm, at various locations we then came to the restaurant. Whilst the next picture was set up lunch was served. The freshest pie I have ever seen. Chicken, leek and mushroom....oozing juices and the pastry desperately trying to soak up the excess. Chicken liver parfait, crab sandwiches, tortilla and crisp salad. Far too much but of course we all tried to cram as much as possible onto our plates. We were up against the light fading so time was key. A sad fact we could not savour the food at leisure. It did not worry me thought, it just means I will have to go back.

I could easily see myself asking to have the whole place for a birthday celebration. I know the food would be fabulous, service friendly and with the feel of being in my own house, only with better decor and food and the fact I would not have to clear up.