Us+Glee = A Happy Trailor

Glee has returned for a second season. Some people will squeal with delight, the thought of catchy tunes and new dance moves on a Monday evening is spirit lifting, and some won't. Well, on the outside they won't even raise an eyebrow, but on the inside they will mentally note when it's on and watch it via the web, in secret. Either way you will all see the project that our creative team have put together - the sponsorship indents - and being part of that team I am going to shout about it.

Chloe B was on duty for make up, assisted by Lindsay, Thomas McMillan (center stage, oh the pressure) on hair, with the help of Chloe O, and me on wardrobe. Award winning Regan Hall was directing and the team from Signal TV and Schwarzkopf were the remainder of the creative.

Louise is perfected for the camera.

Tess Maye has her hair polished by Thomas

Film sets are much like a photographic set, albeit with more wires and monitors. Yes, there are the chairs you see on film sets that the director sits in, but I have to say I dont think I saw Regan sit down once, except for a dunk off (rich tea style!).

This week was Tiffany's close up, last seen on the cover of Company magazine and winner of Britains Next Top Model. Over the season you will also see Tessa Maye and Louise R.

After the dramas of snowfall the two days shooting was done and after close inspection (above) it was as they say: a wrap. So be a devil check out the indents, you know you want to.

opening image source:season8