Graduate Fashion Week 2011

I always get excited for the Graduate Fashion Week, as it takes me back to my degree days. The memories of all nighters to finish the research books, changing text for your displays and generally pushing yourself to the limit, all in the hope your show will be completed the best it can for the examiners. Nerve racking times. I remember my tutor saying, its fine if we don't do the work, but who is going to look silly when there is a big space in the showroom next to your name....

This year I had friends showing, Nathalie from Bournemouth and Georgia Smith showing menswear on the runway from De Montfort.

Nathalie had designed the stand for her year to display their work. A quirky mix, using a caravan bought on Ebay to show off the fabrics as curtains, as well as house portfolios and more creations from her colleagues and a garden scene with bunting - again with students fabrics.

The pitch really did stand out in the vast arena at Earls Court, so much so Channel 4 asked if they could use it in the future. Not bad Nat - well done!

Next was Georgia's show.

As you can tell me camera work was not its strongest. I shall endeavor to find some good images of the work. There were about 15 students showing from De Montfort, Georgia slap in the middle.

Retox magazine has some great pictures of a varied selection from across the week, including Shivani Chavada from De Montfort, whose prints were truly breath taking and I could go as far as say would give Matthew Williamson a run for his money.

Georgia had gone for an urban feel, with a sports layer. The colours were bold and the clothes wearable - which cannot be said for every designer trying to stand apart from the crowd.

More great reviews here on Artsthread pictures like above. I spoke to Georgia after the show and the over riding feeling was fun - not relief which you might think after such a big thing - so the young designers have not been put off, which is great as there was definitely a pool of talent in that show alone. Watch the finale here.