Graduating with honours

You may remember that I mentioned egg shaped coats during the New York shows. The fascination for sculptural form has not abated, in fact the opposite. It is as if you have to wear full body armor. Todd Lynn, Louise Goldin, Wayne Fitzell and Tze Goh are all fitting this bill. Futuristic designs they are called, I still think they are looking back to the days of the knights. Todd Lynn from the autumn/winter collections 2010

source: photographer: Marcia Madeira/

I am not sure how this will translate, if at all when it filters down to the high street stores, but as most of these are young designers from Central Saint Martins, I don’t think this is top of the list of concerns for them.  To show the work of years and final months of condensed pressure to the awaiting fashion journalists must be hard enough.  I remember, only too well the nerves of my degree show exhibition all those years ago. Sleepless nights, all nighters (not the fun kind but the drawing board type) were a fairly regular occurrence in the final stages of my degree. Friends calling through the night to see how each were doing. Of course there were those who were so organized they were not doing this but I imagine that my degree feels better for the experience – I shall continue to tell myself this.

Central St. Martins Tze Goh 2010 London Fashion Week


My meager offering of a well deserved round of applause and hope that they have been spotted for various talents of technique is a small consolation.  However my best piece of advice I can give at this stage is SLEEP. Celebrate, and celebrate well and then crawl under a big white, soft duvet and close your eyes and wake in your own time.