Guardian Cover takes over the Palace

Friday was swimmingly along at the usual pace, and then suddenly it became super charged. Franck Allais called to ask if I was not at Glastonbury (still sulking) could I shoot a Guardian Weekend cover on Sunday....Always up for a challenge, I accepted and that is how my sitting room became the set for the day.

I was also sourcing interiors, including wallpapers, chairs and other bits. In my search I was guided to Kelly Swallow of Unique Patchwork Designs by Sam Brightmore (thank you Twitter). Kelly sources pieces of furniture, strips them back and then re-covers in her own unique style. There are many to chose from and the chairs are all bespoke so no two are the same. Sadly, the one I wanted had literally been sold but if we had had more time, say a day, Kelly said she would have made another. That's speedy service...

From my own love of interiors, I knew of an independent shop in Battersea which sells the most beautiful selection of interiors, called Loungin'. My desperate sounding message must have pulled at someones heart strings as they were so helpful and let me borrow the chair for the weekend.

Sunday came and whilst the sun came out and scorched the majority of the country, I blocked it all out for the set...Sofas out, rugs up, lights in, models dressed in gym kits and with weights !

Relaxing between shots

The only problem with seeing all these lovely things in my house, Osborne and Little paper, and the chair is, it makes me want to start over and re furnish.

Turn around is quick so next weekend, July 3rd, you can see how it worked out.