Guardian Weekend cover shoot

Last week was an odd week of some work, no work, and finally lots of work to juggle in the three days of offices being open. This was a Guardian cover shoot which was shot by Franck Allais in East London. We were being ruled by the weather, as the images were to sit within an issue about the best of the British summer. As the sun shone brightly we paid out our picnic. It was a struggle to not eat everything kindly put in the hamper by Fortnum & Mason. Aaron and Nicky did their thing for hair and make up fabulously and then we sat back in the sunshine to work

Franck shooting away, Beth relaxing and also wanting the contents of the basket....

Literally having to shield from the sunlight. My favourite Prada hat did not make it into the final cut.... booo

Poor Tom (Franck's assistant) having to hide under a hoodie to see the screen and the shots coming in!

It really was the perfect day for lazing in the park - who would have thought we were in Clapton...even a suntan.

And the finished result:

and inside

Thank you to all who helped at such short notice, especially Marc by marc on Mount Street, W1