Hip to be Square

Take a  floppy beach hat or just a large hat from the 70's (a la Marc Jacobs) and then square off the brim. Just what Angela Missoni did, and it will be a hit and every where next summer. Fact. Most of her collection had square lines - whether neck lines, hemlines or blocks, the general shaping was right angled. The theme seemed tribal, 70's mixed with south american poncho's.... it could have gone so badly wrong. However, place your daughter front row with her version of how to wear the look and then its a hit. Fact.

Then comes Roberto Cavalli. It's his 40th anniversary year so lets see what he did - in an understated celebration of course, naturally.

1. 40 models - one for every year. Small show then - check

2. Animal skin / print- everywhere - table cloths, dresses, cushions - check

3. Legs - lots of them.- Check

4. Tan - lots of it, mostly his - check

5. 1,200 guests for a gala dinner in Paris - closest friends only - check

6. Small cake - see below - check

source: ny times photographer: getty

7. Even smaller performer - Ms Minogue herself - live and in full voice - check

8. Speech - check

9. Photo call - one at a time. Check

10. Job done - Happy anniversary Uncle Bob. Check

Further coverage including a full video interview - click here

opening image source: wwd photographer: giovanni giannoni