Hitchcock shoot

5am starts are not my favourite, it has to be said, however today I had the luxury of the wardrobe traveling ahead of me, so there was no lugging of suitcases for anyone. The car down was quite quiet, models and assistants napping. Then we arrived at the glorious house for our location - tucked away in the Cotswolds.

This fellow welcomed us - a similar project to the elephants dotted around London last year.

The lighting crew had been down for the previous day scouting the exact locations and light settings, so we were ahead of the game allowing us to be generous with hair and make up time.

Hamilton, fresh from another episode of DST the previous night, had a great team with him on hair and make up.

*please note - Hamilton did not drive this contrary to the picture!

Katie and I began to unpack and sort through the outfits for each shot. George Bamford, our photographer, was on hand to take behind the scenes shots, as were many of the crew.

Bunny tweaks the make up (below) with George and Hamilton keeping an eye on things. Guy was loving his villainous Lanvin hat.

George and I choose to edit as we go, mainly because we can recall how the shot looked and whether by gut instinct it worked. Sometimes, not all the time, you can forget and then the task can laborious. However in the days of film, this had to be done days later due to the repro, how times have moved on, giving a luxury never imagined.

Editing the last shot - ooh look at the concentration.

Having been allowed to play in a fantastic house, with incredible props and models, it was time to load up the vans and return back to London. Sadly no one was to drive back to London in the much loved Dino below, probably saving tears and fights for the keys.

All black and white photography courtesy of Sophie Lechner