Howzat! - I'm back

I am back – I have been in the country shooting a story for summer next year. The difficulty was a little bit of internet and intermittent  phone signal. Imagine, if you will, those from London were literally hanging out of hotel windows to get some sort of reception to check emails. (how do those in the country do it) After the shakes and  shock realisation that the world may still carry on, I resigned myself to that fact I may as well relax.

Trying to shoot a country cricket game in October for Country Living, may sound a challenge but someone was thinking of us and the sun was positively bursting for the most part, eventually rain stopped play and then we were finished. However we did manage to squeeze in an obligatory tea : cakes, sandwiches and of course a pot of Earl Grey.

Our extras for the shots are from the local cricket team near Hindon in Wiltshire and they very kindly agreed to model in the pictures as well as wear a selection carefully chosen items from Corinna's expert selection. Frances was on hair and makeup for the Brideshead look. I was learning more about my own country, I am ashamed at my geography. It would seem The Angel of the North is not in the "middle" of the North - it's to "one side", and not near Newcastle/Durham but actually Gateshead, Jane (our lovely model) patiently explained, especially as I questioned this and most everything else. I need to go and have a road trip in the north of England.

Mr Jerman (my Pa) aka Barrington, real name I promise, loaned his beloved MCC panama, and "egg and bacon" club socks for authenticity. He will swell with pride when he sees them in the shots, in the magazine, then probably find a deckchair, similar to the below, at the local cricket club, settle in and dream of the Ashes.