inbetween all the shows...another

I was called by one of my oldest friends last Friday with the question: "Are you around on Sunday, I have these tickets......" now she does not usually have to finish the sentence because I know she gets good tickets and I know she asks only the people that would enjoy. But what was it I hear you ask - well the HelpForHeros concert at Twickenham. Headlining is Mr Robbie Williams. Now I know this is controversial - marmite he is to most, either love or loathe. I fall into the first. Not too sure why but I have always loved his concerts. Being an original TT fan (showing the age) perhaps I can claim fond memories. Well I was going off again and getting as excited as I did first time around. This is not strictly fashion news or inspirational to many but i have to say - he is  showman. I was a little disappointed in the fireworks (but then i saw the TT Circus tour) but hey whats one little gripe. I even liked Enrique Iglesias, never have done before.... maybe I am mellowing in my age. The cause was very worthy and it was fantastic to see so many of the troops that are helped by this cause in the audience and having the chance to explain on a persona level what it means to them.

Peter Kay was and delight - his rendition of Angels on the pan pipes a favourite. (i cant upload as the file is too big sadly) Michael Mcintyre's spot kick with us chanting swing low also amusing. I digress back to the fashion.