Italians show their colours

By this I mean in very different ways. Firstly there is the actual colour, from Gucci. A rich, bright palette of turquoise, green, yellow, purple and orange which screamed "look at me" in a very typical Gucci gal way. The opulence oozed from the fabrics making up the clothes: fox furs, mongolian goat hair, fine chiffons and crocodile skins.

Above sourced from no no coco who has more pictures from the show.

Then Raf Simons followed last season's top rated Jil Sander show with another belter (literally belting everything) Cut was his theme and volume the focus. Simple is never ever easy, but here it looked so deft and light, it was scary how good. Added volume is not usually a thought fashion wants to accommodate but here it seemed natural to challenge. I am really looking forward to see how the collection is shot by various publications and to see how it is interpreted by the different Editors.

source: bang bang you're dead

Tradition in Italy is there to be rocked, and that's just what Missoni did. Expecting the familiar bright house zig zags, the crowd were shushed by the sweet and magical pastels walking the runway. Baggy style "grunge" but in the softest of colours and fabrics all weighed down with biker boots to stop the fairies (as described in the show notes) taking flight. Knowing your strengths is key, but mixing and experimenting to keep it fresh is bold and this was executed beautifully.

source: blogbloodyblog