James Blunt

A little while back,  I was asked to dress the cast for the new video by James Blunt. It was set in a burlesque club and featured an array of staff, customers, dancers, so the costumes had to match the flamboyant atmosphere.

Chloe B (always by my side) and Sian were there with hair and make up, you may have already seen as Chloe is so good at posting quickly.

hard at work

you can never have too many eyelashes!

The red shoes featured were from Brian Atwood and the remainder of the girls were in shoes by Christian Louboutin. I must also say thank you Lascivious and Wolford for their help.

One of our many dancing girls.

Our director was Luc Janin who has worked on fabulous shoots, including the wonderful Stereophonics track "You're my star"

So the final piece - a one shot video: