Je t'aime

It's not that I have abandoned Paris Fashion Week, quite the opposite - I have been watching with baited breath. I am just slightly peeved and having the occasional (well maybe regular) tantrum that I am not there. I run to see whats happening and its delightful that people post the reviews, pictures, and thoughts but it is not the same as being there and every so often I want to throw my  laptop on the floor and dance over it. But that would never do, because nobody wins, I shan't see anything and I am down a Mac.

source: dailytruffle

So whats been going on? You may well ask and there is an awful to talk about but I shall have to slice the posts into days and spread them out as some of my favourite Houses were showing their collections and it may take some time to get through. Bear with me, it will all be worth it if you love fashion.


For a starting point, is it necessary for runways shows? Obviously I argue in favour (see above) but then Gareth Pugh thinks not. He produced a screening with Ruth Hogben and asked for no photography. As WWD reviewed the film:

"The imagery was heavily manipulated, so judgment on the clothes was withheld until the classic runway shots arrived, showing what looked like a great collection with a lot to offer commercially. The jackets were beautifully tailored, with trim, molded lines, and the silk coats and dresses showed a softer, prettier side of Pugh’s subversive vision.

But the film wasn’t really a presentation of Pugh’s clothes, but a presentation of his presentation."

Watch the show here via SHOWstudio.

Its an interesting point and one that could open the gates for many a debate.

opening image source:theguardian via thefashionspot