Joe Satriani Cover Shoot

I am not well versed in leading guitarists and so I apologise in advance as I realise there is a big chance I could up set those that are. I was asked to pull a selections of clothes for legendary Joe Satriani for a cover shoot for Total Guitar. After some research I now understand the accomplishments of the man in question. He is technically one of the best musician's today.

Going against everything that Joe would usually wear, I was briefed to have suiting ready. There was a delay in his sizes being given, seeing as he was traveling, however with great thanks to Paul and Joe and DKNY I was able to go to store to select pieces with only a few hours to go.

Sian Duke who was the other half of the glamour team

With out wishing to be controversial, there will always be those wanting to scorn and say it is too clinical to know all the notes and perhaps there is not much soul when he plays, but I saw how his eyes lit up when talking about the guitar, music and how it still is a great passion, and just there my head told me that you can always guide your soul (with a few guitar lessons if need be).

Opening image source: rockandrollreport