I'm a Lady.

I would like to think so. As we scoured possible locations in Cambridge, I kept thinking back to my University days. Nottingham had a few fabulous buildings but really nothing can compare to these incredible colleges here in Cambridge. So many beautiful buildings crammed into a small piece of town. The students riding around recklessly helmet free on bicycles to the lectures and probably later to the pub, each others houses and back - no care really, everything seems tranquil and dare I say it stuck a little in time. Perfect. In a dream I wished I was a little more equation friendly and perhaps there was a chance I could have been here.

Here it is we are trying to build our story. The student, O'Shea, who dresses better than most and probably stands out. However once we placed O'Shea in everyday situations, he blended remarkably well, no-one thought we were any different, except for the backstage of cameras, styling kits and assistant running between shots to keep him wrapped up ad warm. In fact O'Shea was complemented by one of the Masters strolling through the Colleges.  (I am not convinced that leather jackets are the norm here in the world of corduroy. I did get some very funny looks.)

As we took to the river to shoot for a shot and the heavens decided now would be the best time to shower. Out on the water and with no real way of tweaking clothes, O'Shea was in the second boat, I felt a serious need for hot drinks and dry feet. Craig balanced between the two boats and left O'Shea to guide himself along side whilst we got the shot, hopefully. Shooting film meant Luke having to load one camera and pass it along to Craig, tricky.

As the day went on, we grabbed opportunities left right and center and fingers crossed nailed a great 10+ page story....O'Shea looked the part and was remarkable considering the cold and running between shot locations. Nat helped me dress, pack and note all that was worn. All in all a cracking team effort. I prepared to Tweet away through the day but difficulty with internet connection prevented such actions, S Fry Esq (patron saint of Twitter and scholar of Cambridge) would not have been happy.

As I strolled down by the river to my hotel I looked upon my view, what a scene. Then drew back the curtain next morning..who could not love it.

opening image: tourist board