Paris always has so many shows to see and there were so many ones I looked forward to this week. Then these are all showing on the same day: Lanvin, Christian Dior, RM and Vivienne. How can my brain process all of the beautiful clothes I am going to see? All excited as the heavy atmosphere of surroundings in an industrial warehouse was lifted into a sea of tribal infused day wear and followed with a lavishly embellished set of evening wear.

Lanvin autumn winter collection - Pairs march 2010

Alber Elbaz is a master of the elegant woman. This season he is no different. The theme may scare you as you read tribal, but if you know anything about him you should know that he would only ever succeed in translating tribal into his world.

There were reasons for this as Sarah Mower @ found out from him: "Before his show, Elbaz reeled off the loops he'd put himself through to get there: 'Women ask for masculine tailoring, but they want to feel fragile. They want day wear, but buy evening. I designed a whole lot of draped things, but then it looked like too much. An overdose of fashion.' His change of heart came on returning to the studio after a meeting at the U.N. to learn about a role he is about to take up as a UNICEF ambassador. It cleared his mind to work on plain, molded city clothes on the one hand, and made him think about Africa, his birthplace, on the other".

Lanvin - A/W Collection - paris March 2010

source: SHOWstudio photographer: Chris Moore /

The trims of ostrich and marabou were delicate and rich, not trashy and cheap for the day wear. In contrast to the earlier coat story, more is more for the evening – feathers, jewellery and lavish fabrics all together formed the later looks in the show. The details such as the studded belts, marabou trimmed shoes and feather necklaces will all be must have items for the coming season and has left me itching to ditch the summer already. Lanvin is heavenly at the best of times but these touches have made me start to calculate the cost of trying to own a piece for myself. Who needs to eat?!