Lessons in Luxury

Fendi does Fabulous. And Fur. It was a collection that showed a sensible side, note the boots, but then went extraordinarily flamboyant, note the lynx fur coat in the region of €250,000, and then fell some where near the middle – well more towards the fur side. Fendi Autumn/Winter collection - Milan Feb 2010

The brand is always firmly in the luxe camp, and this show proved no exception. It followed many of the trends that have been seen in the two weeks previously, structural coats, folding and pleating, sporty to point but all done with an air of sophistication and elegance. Not unnatural with Karl Largerfeld in duel control. The ladies looked demur but as if they could be little mixes at any minute. The whiff of the French is unmistakable.

Fendi Autumn/Winter collection - Milan Feb 2010

source: SHOWstudio photographer: Chris Moore/Catwalking.com

Prada was a beautifully sombre affair – again with a touch of the mischievous. The models looked grown up. I sound startled but the show had beauties, which had a figure. Bosoms, if you please! And how the show focused on them. Framing them, ruffling on them and generally firmly in the  spotlight.

“It’s normal clothes – the silhouette of the 90’s, but using many different kinds of models who are much more womanly,” said Miuccia Prada.

Miuccia Prada is a fashion-industry influencer. Let's see who scrambles to follow the leader… pondered Sarah Mower at Style.com about the fuller figured model and muse.

Normal being the “show” phrase and as if to emphasize this the bee hived, spectacle-wearing ladies gave the impression of the office secretary. There are few professions that interact with the majority everyday, sometimes invisibly but are a mask for a secret life.

Thick cable socks with the delicate shoes, this is a quirky touch that one expects here to pass off as the “norm” and as she is the leader I don’t doubt I shall succumb, along with every one else.

Prada mainline collection - Milan Feb 2010

Prada mainline collection - Milan Feb 2010

source: elleuk.com photographer: IMAXtree