Lessons of Luxury

64 looks - that's a big show, but what we have come to expect from the veterans of the runway. Michael Kors launched his ladies (and men) against a green textured backdrop - much like grass I suppose. They floated down the runway confident in the clean lines. Not a heel in sight, ok a slight wedge but nothing to the usual sky-scraping heels that the girls usually have to trot in. No wonder they looked at ease. The slightly beaten hair gave super relaxed summer vibe.

source:wwd photographer: thomas iannaccone and robert mitra

Belts appeared to be a key accessory here, they came in all sorts of widths, low slung, skinny cinched and waist enhancing wide. The leather looked like butter from where i was, too soft for a proper description - except for ...yes please! The pops of colour - sunshine yellow and shocking pink in small bursts amongst the khaki, taupes and white. The show was slick and polished, yet made me want to fast forward to summer in a beach house already. The first of the big guns out and a high standard.

Follow the Dazed link here for reviews and backstage images.

As Stylescrapbook says about her favourite three looks:

"They not only fit my style like a glove, but I will probably be channeling these looks very very soon...
They are the perfect example of how something casual can be turned into something stylish and when it comes to styling, at least for me, sometimes less is more.
I am a huge fan of casual chic, always have, always will."

The other polished show that I have loved was at 3.1 Philip Lim. The minimal geometry that was being used instantly grabbed my eye. Nothing to elaborate with jewellery the clothes spoke for themselves. The colours broken slightly with the black and dark shades but sheer  fabrics kept it light. I could see most of the looks being worn and for that I began to day dream about which pieces to chose from the collection.  Not many shows encourage me to begin a mental wish list but this was definately one.

source:wwd photographer: john aquino