+J and the lightweight grape

During the mini heatwave I visited a press day for Uniqlo, and arrived through the right door this time, to a sea of ski wear and thermals. I feel I can post about this now as the weather has turned, yet again, to the grim raining drizzle from the glorious sunshine a week or so ago and it does not feel quite so odd talking about winter clothing.

The heat tech pieces, for the most part, are what you might expect. Different colours and variations on a theme of design. Tried and tested they work. It was the quilted jackets that caught my eye - not only in great colours but how lightweight they were, but could still keep you warm. As we were underground the showroom had become chilly so one of the jackets was being modeled very well and confirmed that indeed they are very warm.

Each jacket weights less than a grape. Yes, that is exactly what I thought, and had it not been for the life size scale proving the theory my thoughts would still be going that way. See the pictures above and below just for added benefit.

Tucked away around the corner wad the new +J by Jil Sander range for AW. Every season it get stronger and larger in size. I cannot show pictures , but I can say, that if you want understated, well cut, capsule pieces, this is where to go. I loved practically everything and not just only in the women's wear. The mens wear is just as desirable, and even more so when I was told that if I took a slim fit small size it should fit me perfectly.... oh dear.

I really don't want to tell you how good it is because you will now know and buy it all. I very much wanted to keep this gem to myself, however at the same time I want to shout out that you should seek it out because it's fabulous and nothing you would expect to find in Uniqlo.

Don't say I never give you anything.