Lilygreen and Maguire - Behind the scenes

A little while back I took an adventure to deepest south Wales with a film crew and two musicians called Lilygreen and Maguire. We spent two long days, prepping (me), driving, singing (them) and having a giggle in the countryside. Middle of the night, well 5 am, fitting for clothes... don't think Mags and Lilyg are loving me much at this point.... "change, just try this, that but not this, back to that, one of each shoe - just to see"

After several coffees we hit the road for the day.

Early morning and the wind was cold. A little seal kept popping up every time the music started. Probably peeved to have his sleep disturbed (do seals sleep) that or pleased to have the company.

Beautiful beaches and all the more incredible with sunsets like this. We were fighting the tides and at one point skipping across rocks for way out of the cove.

Mags taking some quiet time...

   and again 

Some thought it was cold... Krystle....


We went on filming into the night:

Jen, our amazing props lady had THE best firework. All you see in the video below is just from one firework....

And finally, our amazing director Jeremy Rall.  He has worked with massive names in the industry including Snoop and Jay-z.

And then it was time for home, sandwich for the journey.

The song is on pre order now and below is the video.