Louis Vuitton store opening

Having seen the scaffolding up for months and the dustsheets covering the shop front, the excitement was getting high. Even higher when part of Bond Street was shut off in anticipation of the store opening last Tuesday. Slowly pieces of the windows were being seen, crowds were gathering and I had an invite. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. Tottering, yes tottering, an event such as this deserves heights of the greatest scale, towards the barriers and the clipboards I clung to Gareth. “Don’t let me fall” I semi pleaded. “Don’t worry” he reassured me, “if you fall, I will leave you faster than you can imagine” oh my friends, no loyalty, especially when Louis Vuitton is involved!

Inside we were. A bubble of opulence over three floors. My eyes widened as we turned corners. A central sculpture hanging between the ground and lower ground floors was all made of recycled materials and if you kept looking there was always more to catch your eye. Downstairs were performances of the luggage being shown by actors who looked from the 20’s era. Upstairs on the first floor were poetry readings and striking display of the collections. I urge you to go and have a snoop if you are in the area.

Interior sculpture at LV store

The stairs were an installation in them selves. Lit glass block of neon blue with sliver trim, incredible but increased my nerves of falling from top to bottom in a crumpled heap in front of the beautiful people as they were difficult to navigate, particularly if you factor in high heels, a champagne glass and its contents!

Displaying the leather goods

Mannequin collection

Ah the beautiful people, and they were beautiful, Elle, Gwyneth, Thandie, and of course Marc himself. Bouncing from room to room the A list were in abundance. Not wearing glasses was hindering my spotting, and most likely stopping me being star struck, but Gareth was by my side (just) giving running commentary.

As we left, the crowds were still there waiting, and I was very aware of how lucky I was to have been invited to somewhere special. I know there are many shop openings but nothing has ever been quite like this. I was not a huge fan of the AW pieces when I saw the show on line but there in person before me, it changed my mind – well a girl is allowed, isn’t she?