I am a lucky girl

I know you all thought I had forgotten about Paris fashion week. I haven't - I was waiting, and with good reason. Today I was invited to the McQueen SS11 press day. That means you can be inches - if not mm from the creations. I still get excited by this, and I am not ashamed.In fact I will tell you that this morning I woke up and thought "today I am going to see the McQueen collection" and had a really big smile on my face.

It will happen again this week, when I get to see Prada, Miu Miu and Chanel and then Louis Vuitton. Inside the showroom, there they were on the mannequin, some of the most viewed pieces of fashion theatre.

I was rooted to the spot, staring for just a little bit (well maybe longer). However it only took a little encouragement not to be scared to touch, but don't worry I did not start sifting through the rails trying things on, I was respectful.

The craftsmanship that goes into the main show collection is really quite astounding. Up close you can see not only the laser cut of each leather leaf but the embossed details on top of that as well, the yards and yards of chiffon patiently pleated in the gown, which unraveled would cover such a huge area and the intricate sewing of the hundreds of buttons on just one top.

I was quite speechless and quiet as I left (unusual some may say) but really I can only iterate that I am a lucky lucky girl.