Man Up

Now there is no excuse to get the boys into Topshop ladies, just book them an appointment of their own in the new Personal Shopping suites on the top floor of Topman, Oxford Circus, and then you can take your time on the floors below. Sneaky you may say but not really as its a treat up there. I enjoyed it and I did not even shop...

On Wednesday the rooms were opened to the press for viewing and the space filled almost instantly. The men seemed relaxed and comfortable, probably helped by the mini burgers, mini pies and beer. Nicely matcho, but they didn't forget the ladies present with the champagne and more delicate nibbles.

You can book three different lengths of time for different services, including express half hour know what you want, to a two hour complete wardrobe selection which is already pulled for you by your own shopper who will guide you through the rail.

The good thing here is that there is no commitment to buy and the appointments are free of charge. The personal suites are going to be fought over as its a plush atmosphere with boys toys, including x-box, beer and sofas.... this is going to be something the boys will want once they have tried it and should definitely utilise. So ladies don't be surprised if your man suggest you have trip to Toppers, usually a shunned topic, and he slips away up the escalators to let you shop. The tables have turned...sneaky some might say.