Metronomy - Everything goes my way

Music has been at the top of my working pile, especially as I was asked to work on the new Metronomy video. Mercury nominated just the previous week, the buzz around them has gone through the roof. It was a fairly cold and early start in Richmond Park and we were on the look out for deer.  

Behind the camera was Alexander Orlando Smith, a renowned director whose previous video credits include the now infamous "Yellow" by Coldplay. 

First to arrive was Joe and closely followed by Roxanne, who is the guest vocalist on the track. Alex disappeared off with them to shoot, keeping the crew as small as possible so the deer were not frightened by hoards of cameras, crew and general human movement!

The remainder of the group came and had a peek through the clothes I had brought with me - its always a nerve racking thing - what if there is nothing they like, or worse they like something but it does not fit..... so I left Anna, Oscar and Gbenga to have a rummage. We were in luck.

Having had a splash of powder for the boys and a relaxing make up half hour for Anna, they went off into the wilderness. Soon they were back with happy smiles and then had to rush off as they were on a tight schedule which included Bestival.

My apologies for not having behind the scenes but I not able to go on set much and there really wasn't much time for snaps between takes.

Check out the full video here though - I think you will agree its beautiful. Thanks for a great day.


Special thanks to Dust and Modus.