Monochrome minimal

Dashing across town for the Pringle of Scotland show at the Science museum was a mission, but worth it. We arrived to a small reception before the show, which had many things to greet us, delicious champagne cocktail for one, much needed as it had been a long day. Secondly there was a huge screen showing behind the scenes footage of the advertising campaign being shot with Tilda Swinton. However much I work on shoots, I am always excited to see a new one being created, especially with scenery as breathtakingly beautiful as this. There were also perspex frames with pieces from the collaborations of Pringle and the Serpentine Gallery with a selection of various artists with a connection to Scotland and its roots. (whether they are Scottish or have heritage there) They were asked to design their take on a twin set or the classic argyle sweater to celebrate the 195yrs of the label. Tilda Swinton, naturally as was taking part as was Nick McCarthy of Franz Ferdinand. In fact his piece goes into store at the beginning of next year, so tonight was a little sneak preview at the garment .

The show its self was very monochrome in feeling, with a hint of chambray blue. Fringing, feathers and pulling in the knit wear was a dominant feature in the sleek looks. Over skirts were another layer, letting hints of colour or texture through, such as the pleating camel skirt below.

For building an image of how the shows are produced and linking well to the screening before this show please follow here for a great example of backstage build up!

Bright and early next morning was another heavy hitting true British brand, Jaeger. Here the lines were uncomplicated as in Pringle but with more colour. There was a sportier element certainly, oversized hoods, utility bags and open knits with shorts, but the tailoring was there. Jackets (worn a dresses), trousers and crisp shirt dresses. Definitely pulling the designs into a more up to date place.

Here is the link for the finale video - not too sharp but it is for the colours......