Mountains vs Bryant Park

My view of the Engadin Valley source: me photographer: me

From where I am sitting – roughly half way up the mountain – the view is undeniably incredible and oblivious of the fashion goings on in NYC. People are on the way to the piste for a glorious days skiing and later, coming back possibly, via the world famous tea house of Hanslemann for a calorie-laden marshmallow and cream topped hot chocolate or indeed exploring the bars for the après ski. New season trends emerging from the catwalk appear not to be the first thought for many……. Except me.

I am trying to imagine the tents from the pictures I see of Bryant Park under snow. How cold? What footwear? You see, if you are not prepared (or don’t have a waiting car) it’s can be a most uncomfortable week. Treacherous walks – ice and heels just don’t mix that well. And neither does a slippery exit down the steps and the eagle eyes of those waiting to catch a glimpse of a celebrity coming or going.

Image of Bryant Park during New York Fashion week

source: bald park

However, I am rather enjoying watching everything unfold on my computer screen. Shows are beginning to be streamed live, reports, tweets and blogs are being posted faster than an Olympic skier down the runs and I don’t have to be looking tip top at all times. In fact I can feel rather naughty “slumming” in my pyjamas. All of the above does appeal, especially when you are lacking a strong arm to lean on tip toeing around the show venues in those heels, but I am not sure want to miss all the action. I suspect I am missing out. Having been there I feel as if I am ill and I have been told to stay at home. Punishment. Well, if you can call the beautiful Engadin valley in the sunshine a chore I guess I shall get on and do my time – as long as the internet is still on!